5 great Korean bibimbap restaurants in Koreatown


5 great Korean bibimbap restaurants in Koreatown

Toronto.com looks at some mainstays on the Bloor strip



Buk Chang Dong Soon

– Justin Skinner/Metroland

Koreatown — on Bloor near Christie Pits — has more than a dozen restaurants serving up their own varieties of bibimbap, kimchi, barbecue and other popular dishes. Here are five that have entrenched themselves in the hearts of diners.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

691 Bloor St. W.

www.bukchangdongsoon.com | 416-537-0972

Despite a fairly basic menu — primarily a variety of dolsot (hot stone pot) dishes — this venue has been a favourite in the area for years. Pick a meat or vegetable dish and your level of spiciness, and enjoy along with some staple side dishes.

Korean Village Restaurant

628 Bloor St. W.

www.koreanvillagetoronto.com | 416-536-0290

A mainstay in Koreatown for 40 years, Korean Village offers a much wider variety of dishes, including tabletop barbecue, along with hot pot and Japanese cuisine including sushi. It’s also far fancier looking than many of the other restaurants in the area.

Korea House

666 Bloor St. W.

www.koreahousetoronto.com | 416-536-8666

More than 80 years after it first exposed many Toronto diners to Korean food, Korea House remains a popular destination. Combo specials give patrons a chance to try a couple of different dishes, while a variety of seafood, beef and pork dishes offer plenty of selection.

Yummy Korean Restaurant

620 Bloor St. W.

www.yummykorean.com | 647-345-6588

From Korean pancakes to bulgogi on a hot plate, Yummy offers a wide array of Korean dishes to satiate any palate. The hot stone bibimbap is a favourite among regulars and comes with a wide selection of meat, seafood, tofu and rice options.

Lim Ga Ne

686 Bloor St. W.


With another location in North York, Lim Ga Ne manages to satisfy hungry diners in two communities. While the eatery offers dolsot bibimbap, its hearty stews are another can’t-miss portion of the menu here.


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